Anupama Written Episode Update for December 1, 2022: Dimple Vents Her Frustration on Her Victims


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Dimple is brought to a police station by Anupama and Anuj so that the offenders can be found. If she's ready, the inspector asks. Bolo Yaar Haan, Baar Baar Haan... In the background, music is playing. Dimple claims to be prepared. Constables are to bring them in, according to Inspector. Leela becomes concerned for her grandchildren in the Shah residence. Parti is the target of Hasmukh's remark, which claims that those who talk to themselves are mentally disturbed. Leela queries whether he is mocking her. He informs her that Vanraj and Anupama had sent multiple messages to see how Pakhi was doing. Even Leela claims she wants to, but she is afraid of Pakhi's drama. Toshu comes back to get Kinjal's document. She is told to cease being her wife's slave by Leela. Hasmukh claims that she is reprimanding him now since she didn't when he was genuinely in the wrong. Toshu explains that he is only concerned about his family and wants to earn Kinjal's trust again, so she shouldn't bring up the subject again. Okay, Leela nods.

When Hasmukh learns that they have arrived at the police station, he declares that their real war will begin today.

Police bring all five of the offenders. Dimple remembers the terrible event. Inspector requests that she carefully examine and determine whether these are the same lads. Dimple is encouraged by Anuj and Anupama to not be fearful. Dimple approaches the primary offender, who grinned at her. Pakhi places a 750 rupee coffee order. Adhik becomes upset upon seeing the bill. Pakhi contends that he previously drank more expensive coffee. Adhik claims that while his sister and BIL used to cover his credit card payments, he now has to pay them on his own and is unable to do so. Stop lecturing him like Anupama, Pakhi yells as she throws her coffee aside. Adhik requests that he quit being rude and tell her to resume her studies and make an effort to find employment. Pakhi asserts that he ought to work and that she will continue to live a simple life as a housewife. Sadly, Adhik cleans up the mess.

Principal offender threatens Dimple. He is the one, Dimple yells, and she smacks him. Attacker tries to strike her back. He receives a kick from Dimple in the groyne, and he collapses in agony. Dimple receives accolades from Inspector for her bravery. Anuj issues a warning to offenders, saying that he would make sure they receive severe punishment from which no one can escape. An accuser claims that Dimple took the law into her own hands. According to Anupama, they wouldn't have been standing here if they had to take the law into their own hands. Goon is yelled at by Dimple to dare touch her once more. Dimple acted in self-defense, according to the inspector, and he will file a case against the offender. Anupama and Anuj accompany Dimple as she exits the police station in a comfortable and upbeat mood. Her bravery was praised by Anupama and Anuj.

Samar receives a call from Anupama and tells Hasmukh and Leela that Dimple had identified the offenders and even smacked one of them. Leela claims that she even would have ejected him. Samar claims Dimple kicked the offender. Hasmukh commended Dimple for her bravery. Samar praises Dimple for her bravery. Leela acknowledges Anupama and admits that she was mistaken earlier on in regards to this matter. Samar believes that every hero has an unsung counterpart and that justice would be served for Dimple. Dimple should move somewhere else, according to Leela, and shouldn't remain in Anuj's residence till the case is over. Dimple would want not to be a burden on anyone, but Hasmukh kindly asks her not to worry.

Dimple is back at the Kapadia home, where she eats freely. Anupama and Anuj are pleased to see that. Ankush and Barkha praise the police's assistance in Dimple's case. Dimple announces that she is about to leave. Anuj advises her to leave as soon as she finds employment and feels independent. Anupama claims she instils a sense of independence in her girls. Barkha advises her to accept assistance without holding back when she has so many people on her side. Dimple claims that she performed some good deeds in a previous life to acquire Anuj and Anupama. Anupama and Anuj joke. Dimple claims she desires employment. She is given a manager's position at the dance academy by Anupama, who invites her to start right away. Even he, according to Ankush, will eat before leaving for work. On hearing that, Anuj becomes irate. Dimple goes back to her room, smiles for the camera, and writes a new beginning. She feels that she ought to start over and not cause too much trouble for Anuj and Anupama. Anupama and Anuj begin dating.

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