Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Written Update 9th May 2022


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Written Update 9th May 2022 On Bollyfuntv

Full Written Update: Tera Mera Saath Rahe 05/05/2022 Episode Start with The first scene of the episode is Surya tells Gehna that she is his pillar of strength and that he wants her to be there for him on his first day at work. He continues by saying that he requires her assistance. 

Sarika arrives and teases him about how well he has prepared. Suhani told her to feed him sugared curd on his first day at work. One lady, however, prays to God while wearing a veil. Suhani eventually arrives at the temple. Suhani stuns the lady, who flees. Suhani is intrigued by the name Gehna. On that lady's face, vermillion falls.

Surya is adamant about not eating sugared curd. He is compelled to eat by Sarika. Gehna has reservations about her abilities. Sarika was ready to feed Surya when Gehna made her consume it. It was for Surya, Sarika informs her. 

Surya is not allowed to eat cold items, according to Gehna, and curd is cold. Thereafter, Surya and Gehna depart. Sarika is concerned about what is about to take place.

Suhani exits the temple after telling herself she hasn't found someone yet. Surya receives a beggar lady. He helps her financially. He and Gehna are both blessed by her. He assures Gehna that excellent things are coming their way. 

She believes she must visit the temple in order to discover the secret. She informs him that she has to go to the temple since she prayed for him. He instructs the driver to pull over to the side of the temple. He leaves Gehna at the shrine after dropping him there.

Gehna enters the temple with the expectation of receiving answers to all of her questions. In the meantime, the lady departs from the temple. Driver is requested to return to the temple by Surya. He tells Sudeep that the meeting should be rescheduled for 30 minutes later. He is about to collide with another vehicle and requests that the driver turn the automobile around. That veil lady is struck by the automobile. Surya assists her in rising from her seat. Seeing him makes her emotional. He promises to drive her to the hospital. He inquires about her health. She falls asleep.

Suhani is asked to scratch thoroughly by Sarika. Servant should bring ice and medicine, according to Suhani. It's itching a lot, Sarika says. Gehna has an uncanny ability to glimpse into the future. Shreya explains that they put something in curd to prevent Surya from getting to work.

Surya invites the lady with the veil to his residence. When Gehna sees her, he realizes she was merely summoned to the shrine by the latter. Surya informs Gehna that this lady was struck by his car and begs her to assist her, before going inside to answer the phone. That lady informs Gehna that they are unable to communicate at this time since Suhani is acquainted with her. When Suhani arrives, she observes the bangle worn by the veil lady. She has a flashback to her childhood. 

Gehna follows the woman in the veil out of the house. Suhani tells the guards to keep an eye on them. Surya discusses the accident and the veil lady to Suhani. He's curious about Gehna.

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