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Naagin 6 Written Update 9th May 2022 On Bollyfuntv

Full Written Update: Naagin 6 Episode Start with The episode begins with Seema being surprised to see Chanda. She climbs the stairs and discovers a fire raging upstairs. Rishabh tries to help her but becomes trapped in the fire. Chanda helps him out. Seema inquires about his well-being. Rishabh says he's alright and inquires about Chanda. Seema and Lalith are taken aback. Pratha claims it's a birthday present. She's your mother's best friend who has lost track of time since her son died. Rishabh suggests Chanda take a break. Everyone has left. Pratha warns Seema that she will soon expose her by revealing Rishabh's prior secret.

Seema later notices Chanda in her chamber and attempts to enter, but is stopped by the snakes. Seema is caught by a snake. Pratha beams. Seema tells her to leave since Rishabh is on his way. She informs her that she will not be able to save Chanda from her. Pratha sees Rishabh and books Seema. She enlists the help of Seema to massage Chanda's feet. Seema is in discomfort while being massaged. Rishabh informs Chanda that he is going to massage her. He asks her to think of him as her child. He gives her a foot massage. Seema is told by Pratha that she cannot harm Chanda. Chanda assures Rishabh that everything is alright. He steps forward. Pratha informs him that Seema will make milk for him. Rishabh expresses his gratitude.

Seema is making milk. She is looking for servants. Pratha claims that her Nidra vish puts everyone to sleep. Seema is warned. Seema walks away. Mehek arrives and informs Pratha that she is teaching Seema a valuable lesson, but questions why Dadi did not respond when she saw Chanda. Pratha informs Dadi of her reaction. Dadi enters Chanda's room to meet her. She emerges with someone. Pratha presses Dadi to divulge the truth about Rishabh's past in order to save him. Dadi goes out with someone. 

Pratha wakes up the next day to find Rishabh arriving home. She informed him of his whereabouts. He explains that he went to the airport to send Dadi off on her pilgrimage tour. As Seema dispatches Dadi from here, Pratha mulls over how to learn about the past. In the mirror, she discovers the Ring of Dadi and naagamahal. She believes Naagmahal is connected to their past.

Mehek and Pratha are on their way to Naagmahal. They realize it's their grandmother's ring. They embed a ring in a photograph of their grandmother, and the photograph unlocks the entrance to a cave. They come across a secret room guarded by a serpent. That serpent will not let them in. Pratha conducts shiv tandava to get access to the secret room and uncover the past secrets. Serpent notices her Naagmani and lets her into the hidden room.

 Pratha is invited inside by Mehek before the door closes. Pratha enters the room. Scorpions and rats bit her feet there. Mehek wonders why Pratha refuses to come out. Pratha observes a mark on Seema's face when she sees the package. Mehek warns Pratha that the door is closing and asks her to exit quickly. 

They emerge before the door is shut. Pratha gives Mehek the photo and asks who can speak the truth because Seema has dispatched Dadi from here. Mehek claims that they will find truth in the naagmahal, but he does not specify where. Pratha informs them that they must return home before Seema acts. There are none at Lalith's house. He intends to meet Chanda, but is taken aback when Seema attacks Rishabh through the chandelier.

Rishabh regains consciousness and inquires about the situation. Seema informs him that Chanda is his mother, and she brings her back to life so that he can learn the truth from her. Lalith implores her to depart from Rishabh. Seema claims that you and your mother betrayed your pledge by giving Pratha the ring. She learns that my name is Maha Asur, and that I will not abandon your son. Lalith claims he is unaware about the Kalash. The rope is cut by Seema. Rishabh is hit by the chandelier. Lalith sobs as he sees his son. He claims he is unaware of the amruth Kalash. 

Pratha and Mehek revert to their true selves. Pratha explains that they did it to force him to admit the truth. Lalith assures Seema that she will not abandon him. Pratha inquires about Seema's photo in the Naagmahal. Lalith introduces herself as Tara, Seema's grandmother.

It's a narrative about your grandmother, according to Lalith. Pandit predicts that Naageswari's granddaughter will become the Shesh Naagin, but that it won't be Mehek since she is in danger of drowning, and that her second granddaughter will become the Shesh Naagin. No one knows who your mother is carrying, so Nageswari doubts his forecast. 

Tara met your Grandmother that day and asked for Naagmani, but she refused. Tara requests Amrit Kalash, which your grandma refused to give her. Tara departs, threatening to ruin them once she has the Kalash. Tara's face is marked by Nageswari, who informs her daughter that they must use their ability to save the Amrit Kalash. Pratha inquires about Tara's knowledge of Amrit Kalash and Chanda's knowledge of it. Lalith promises to inform you. 

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