Imlie Written Update 9th May 2022


Imlie Written Update 9th May 2022 on Bollyfuntv

Imlie warns Nila that she will never misbehave with Sundar or try to spoil his dreams in this episode. Imlie has Aryan's support, but Nila continues to insult her. Jyoti instructs Imlie that she should wish for the Universe to grant Sundar's wish. Arpita inquires about Aryan's identity. Aryan presents Jyoti to his family members. Is she married, Nil inquires? Jyoti discloses to Nil that she is divorced, but she has learnt to be happy in any circumstance. Jyoti is taken to her room by Imlie. 

Something is amiss with Jyoti, Narmada tells Gudiya. Jyoti is cool and composed, yet she can't manage her fury, according to Imlie. She sometimes takes her frustrations out on everyone. Particularly on Aryan. Jyoti advises her not to unleash her rage on Aryan because Imlie loves him and a marriage should be free of negativity. Otherwise, it will have an impact on their marriage. Jyoti also mentions that the Universe pays attention to her. Imlie then receives a phone call from the office and departs. Jyoti receives a call as well and becomes enraged. But she maintains control, claiming that rage should not rule her intellect.

Imlie examines the files and informs Madhav that he has quickly learned everything. She claims that Pagdandiya will produce many talented people, and that the hamlet is full of them. When Imlie receives Aryan's call, she explains why he didn't show up for work. He confesses that he misses his wife. Imlie collapses from shock. Aryan claims to be discussing his automobile. Later, he invites her to join him for coffee. He invites her to return home. Madhav assures Imlie that he will take care of the work.

Imlie exits the office and begins driving. She remembers her time with Aryan. Suddenly, one car collides with another. A young lady is hurt. Imlie steps forward to assist her. Jyoti returns her gaze to her car, where she notices Imlie assisting Nargis. Nargis recalls meeting Jyoti and how the latter propagated a rumor that Surinder was having an affair with her, which is untrue. They're like siblings, and Jyoti only married Aryan because she needed him. Jyoti claims that Aryan is hers alone, and that she doesn't care about Imlie as long as she has Aryan. Imlie becomes concerned and summons Nargis to the doctor.

When Aryan meets Jyoti, he inquires as to why she purchased so many candles. She responds that she wants to create a positive environment. She inquires as to whether he adores Imlie. He claims they are already married. But, Jyoti argues, he needs to figure out who his actual love is and what his true feelings are. Aryan begs her not to lecture her, but that he will disclose his feelings at the appropriate time. Jyoti believes she can persuade him that she, not Imlie, is the best life mate for Aryan.

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