Anupama Written Update 9th May 2022

Anupama  Written Update 7th May 2022 On Bollyfuntv

Air Date: Anupama 9th May 2022

Anupama 9th May 2022 written update starts with GK tries to conceal Hasmuk's health report in today's episode. He claims that no one should be able to locate the reports at any cost. GK goes inside the cabinet to hide. Malvika tells Devika that if she had the opportunity to touch Vanraj, she would have crushed him in the mix. Devika is thanked for assisting her with the mehendi grinding. Malvika tells Devika that she has gifts for Shah, but she will hide them from Anuj. Hasmuk's report also slips into one of the bags, which Malvika accepts.

Anupama's mehendi and sangeet are held at Shah's, which is decorated in purple. Kavya says she'll do the mehendi as well. Rakhi is asked if she will apply mehendi. Rakhi claims she is only here to have fun. Pakhi congratulates Kanta. Kanta claims that she is the bride's mother after all. GK inquires about Hasmuk's medication intake. Hasmuk claims that he cannot forget his medications. He inquires about the reports with GK. Vanraj is searching for Anuj. When Anuj and Anupama see one other, they fall in love. Vanraj is set to have a conversation with Anuj. Anuj exits the building.

Anuj and Anupama receive Shah's compliment. Devika tells MaAn that Samar, Paritosh, and Pakhi made the mehendi themselves. Anupama begins to cry. Devika stated that they had also planned for Anuj. Anuj expresses his gratitude. Anupama searches the area for Kinjal. Kinjal is ill, according to Paritosh, and will join them later. Shah requests that the ritual begin. Anuj notices Vanraj staring him down.

Rakhi interrupts Leela as she is about to see Hasmuk's report. Despite her anger, Rakhi questions Leela about why she is attending the gatherings. Leela flees Rakhi. Anupama approaches Kavya and expresses her gratitude for her happiness at her functions. Kavya expresses her gratitude to Anupama for providing her with a reason to smile. She goes on to say that she, too, took part in her wedding and was very supportive of her. Leela cynically claps when she sees Anupama and Kavya's bond. Leela agrees to attend the parties with Kavya.

Anupama receives bangles from Anuj's mother. Anupama begins to cry. Mika, a Bollywood singer, arrives at Shah House later. Shah is taken aback when he learns Mika and Anuj are buddies. Mika is overjoyed to meet Shah. Mika's forthcoming show, "Savyamvar Mika Di Voti," is being promoted by Anuj. Anupama gives Mika a RadhaKrishna frame so that he might find a spouse. Vanraj believes that once the drama is done, he would speak with Anuj. [End of Episode]


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