Anupama Namaste America 5th May 2022 Written Update: Anupama Namaste Written Update

Anupama: Namaste America 5th May 2022 Written Update On

Anupama stands with her visa in today's episode. It's a passport, Vanraj tells Anupama. Anupama informs Vanraj that Dolly has demonstrated how a visa looks. Vanraj said he was wondering the same thing about what was in his suitcase. Anupama remains silent. Vanraj compliments Anupama on her ability to sacrifice her dreams for her child. He describes Anupama as a deity to her. Anupama remembers Dolly's, Leela's, and Vanraj's deception. She is employed in the kitchen. Vanraj informs Leela that Anupama has learned about the visa. She tries to appease Anupama in a roundabout way. Dolly is requesting coffee. Anupama offers Vanraj tea.

Anupama afterwards yelled at Leela and Vanraj for concealing her passport. Dolly is also accused of betraying her. Hasmuk and Baa are furious with Vanraj for lying to Anupama. Leela defends Vanraj, claiming that he loves Anupama and tried to prevent her from leaving. Hasmuk tells Leela not to cover up Vanraj's deception of Anupama. Anupama interrogates Leela about her passport. She confronts Dolly for lying to her about being her friend and sister-in-law. Anupama tells Leela that instead of planning against her, she should have said something once. Leela admitted that she conspired against Anupama because she didn't want her to move to the United States.

Devastated Anupama's anklet has broken. She sobs and claims that she is the one who is shattering her hopes. Anupama explains why seeing a dream is a sin for a homemaker. She goes on to say that housewives have no right to take a few days off. Emotionally, Baa, Hasmuk, and Dolly stand. Anupama is devastated not only because her dream did not come true, but also because Vanraj and Leela lied to her. Anupama declares that she loves her family above everything else and flees the scene. Vanraj believes Anupama is acting. He decides to appease her by convincing her that she is pregnant. Vanraj approaches Anupama and attempts to persuade her that he cannot live without her. He says, "House needs her."He continues, "House needs her." Anupama remembers her beautiful night with Vanraj and wonders if he became intimate with her out of love or as a ruse. Vanraj, please be silent.

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