Anupama and Anuj get Romantic : Anupama Written Update 5th May 2022


Anupama Written Update 5th May Episode Starts With : Anupama asks Anuj why college is empty today in today's episode. Today is a holiday, according to Anuj. Anupama is perplexed as to how the gate was opened. Anuj informed Anupama that he had made arrangements with the guard. Anupama claims that everything has suddenly changed. Nothing has changed, according to Anuj. They both had fond memories of their college years. Anuj and Anupama visit the college. Anupama discovers that Vivek was reprimanded by Anuj for ragging her. She also discovered that Anuj was spearheading the anti-ragging movement at the college after the incident. Anupama is taken aback. She requests that Anuj tell her everything he has done for her in the past. Anuj decides to tell Anupama all that has happened.

Hasmuk is taken to the doctor by GK. Hasmuk appreciates GK's presence. Hasmuk's condition is kept a secret by GK until the wedding. When Vanraj sees Gk and Hasmuk, he becomes suspicious. Anuj and Anupama had a conversation and dance to the song "phela nasha, phela khumar." They continue to the canteen. Anuj and Anupama share the same cup of tea. Both are content. Vanraj makes the decision to discover what Hasmuk is hiding. He is taken aback when he discovers diagnostic center paperwork.

Anupama tells Anuj that she was afraid of falling in love again after her divorce. She goes on to say that she is now pleased to have Anuj in her life. Anuj requests that they keep their love hidden in the recesses of their hearts. What if they had met 27 years ago, Anupama wonders? Anuj claims that everything is predetermined. Anupama and Anuj have planned a spectacular sangeet and mehendi ceremony. Meanwhile, Vanraj visits a chemist to see what Hasmuk is concealing. It was only vitamins, he discovers. Hasmuk informs Gk that the primary medication report has arrived. He requests that GK provide him the report. Vanraj tells Leela that her suspicions were correct, since Hasmuk is concealing something.

Anupama's sangeet and Shah's ideas. Vanraj and Leela are both irritated. Vanraj believes Anupama has not yet responded; how long has her date lasted? There, Anuj and Anupama dance a romantic sajde song together. Anuj and Anupama are waiting for Vanraj. When Samar, Kinjal, Paritosh, and Pakhi contemplate about Anupama's wedding, they become emotional. Vanraj overhears the conversation and becomes emotional. Devika believes Anupama is fortunate to have Anuj in her life. Samar believes Anuj is also fortunate.

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